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Curried sweet potato soup

Did you have a roast chicken on Sunday? If you did, hopefully you made a quick chicken stock from the bones (mine is simmering away as I type this).

The two main reasons that I make a stock each week are:

1 – a home made chicken stock makes everything taste great

2- if I have a stock in the fridge then I have the basis for another 1 or two easy meals that week (phew!).

My son has loved this soup from when he was very little and it’s an easy and delicious one to go back to. It is so, so simple.

Saute a smallish onion in a dessert spoon of butter and a teaspoon of coconut oil (the mild coconut flavour really complements the taste), you can make the onion a little brown if you wish, I think it probably helps the taste.

Add half a teaspoon or so of medium curry powder and fry for a few seconds.

Add 4 medium/small diced (1 cm approx’) sweet potatoes, turn down the heat and saute for about 20 minutes with the lid on. Make sure it doesn’t stick and burn to the pan. Add a tiny bit of water if you need to. The key here is to saute in the butter etc until the sweet potatoes start to smell really sweet. The key to any good soup is this sweetening/sauteing stage first. Then, once they are a little cooked already, add enough stock to just cover, and your left over chicken. Simmer until sweet potatoes are cooked through.

Add enough salt (don’t avoid salt, it helps flavour!) and a little pepper to taste. If you have any fish sauce (an Asian condiment) you could add half a teaspoon.


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