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About Me

Sophie Lamb

Since childhood herbs and natural medicine have been a significant and poignant part of my life. From hedgerow to health, my childhood was punctuated by regular herb picking outings with my father and three sisters in the Highlands of Scotland where my family lived. One of my earliest recollections is making Coltsfoot syrup out of the honey-smelling yellow flowers in a barrel next to the Aga which was subsequently pressed out and used to alleviate coughs. Looking back, those days spent gathering herbs now hold a special place although at the time more than a little coercion was required: being boot-deep in a bog collecting bog bean (Menyanthes trifoliata), extremely useful for rheumatic and muscular pain, is not your average family outing

These experiences plus a deep interest in science and nature led me to follow in my father’s footsteps, some 20 years later, to gain an honours degree of Bachelor of Science in Herbal Medicine, incredibly, under the same school principle as my father, Brian Lamb. I use herbal medicine to address a wide spectrum of modern ailments including IBS, insomnia and fertility problems. I have lectured to medics in Copenhagen on the use of medicinal herbs in Alzheimer’s disease, gained valuable experience in Whipscross Hospital, London on the dermatology ward and presented talks on a wholistic approach to cancer at the Nuffield Hospital. I also co-founded Newtritious Delicious, a highly successful cooking course which bridges the gap between food and medicine and traditional dietary principles and leading science.

As the daughter of Scotland’s longest practicing medical herbalist I am the UK’s only second generation herbalist. With a family history of doctors dating back nearly 200 years and a childhood where medicinal plants were first-line medicine, perhaps it is not surprising that I followed in my father’s footsteps. I have a life time of first-hand experience observing the power of herbs for a wide variety of health conditions. With over 20 years of working experience in botanical medicine I aim to support, stimulate and enable a journey of healing and recovery.

To achieve the frequently remarkable results that I get with clients I combine evidence-based science with traditional botanical wisdom, within a framework of restorative.

Client testimonials

Thanks to Sophie I am pain free and feel great again after nine months of pain and misery. I still often marvel on this and feel so grateful and blessed to have met Sophie and experience how powerful and effective medicinal herbs are.

Sophie has helped me hugely since I first contacted her regarding long-term issues that I have had with my skin and IBS.

I highly recommend a consultation with Sophie as quite honestly I have gone from depressed despair, pain & discomfort to hope for my future health, for which I cannot thank her enough.

"I have been taking thyme syrup for a while now and would never be without it in our cupboard. I instantly notice a difference while taking it to get rid of chesty coughs. My son also loves taking this syrup." G. Coghill

"Since I started taking Thyme Syrup I have been able to reduce the usage of my inhalers. At the moment I am not taking serotide inhaler or my ventolin during the day." Mrs B. Mackenzie, Caithness

"Throughout my first year of high school I had a continuous need to clear my throat and also was very congested. I started taking Thyme Syrup and within a week I no longer felt congested or the need to clear my throat." Sean Reid, Caithness

"Thyme Syrup worked really well for my daughter's cough and it also helped my sore throat. I will always keep a bottle in my house." Helen Donn, Caithness

"Thyme Syrup for me has been a godsend. I've had a bad cough for months now, because of COPD - it would not go away. But after reading reviews on your website I tried it. Four weeks later, my cough is nearly gone and my chest doesn't feel so tight. Amazing stuff, I won't be without it now!" Wendy Irvine, Thurso

"Recently bought this for my 94 year old Mum who was sceptical but now converted! Got completely rid of her awful chesty cough, brilliant stuff!" Susan Rainbow, Thurso

"Best cough syrup ever. I have bought it and recommended it to loads of friends. I always keep a bottle of it in the fridge". Liz Gray, Inverness

"Thyme Syrup is not only soothing to my son's chesty cough but is used on a regular basis by the whole family. I could not recommend this natural remedy more. It's a must for the remedy cabinet in our house" Vanessa Bassett, Kent

"Thyme syrup is the only cough medicine I've bought for years now. It's great for the whole family. I swear by it for the kids - it really does make a difference. And I love that the ingredients are natural. I always have a bottle in the cupboard". K Mackay, Wick

"Thyme syrup is amazing. I'm not quite sure how my family and I did without this medicine before. It relieves a cough and cures it so quickly. I cannot recommend it highly enough!" S Munn, Kent

"My five year old son loves the taste so much he asks for more and it's eased his persistent cough within a couple of days." G Buckland, Tunbridge Wells

"After a week of worsening coughing, Thyme Syrup sorted it in 48 hours." S Brown, Kent

"Is is very good. Best cough medicine I have tried." Jayne Henderson

"This is always in my cupboard on standby. Definitely works. I recommend it to lots. Wouldn't buy anything else." Alison Mackay, Wick

"Liquid gold, wouldn't get through the winter without it." Mandy Mowat, Caithness

"We first purchased thyme syrup to help clear up our 18 month olds chesty cough and we are so glad we did. It helped clear his stubborn cough and then we used it again when the little one came down with croup. Croup can be a frightening illness but we were confident that the Thyme Syrup was helping ease the seal bark type cough and it passed relatively quickly. Now we are never without a bottle in the cupboard! We would recommend it to anyone as a staple in your medicine cabinet." M.Brown, Glasgow

"It's a life saver. I have been taking it for 2 years. It has helped me so much with my breathing and cleared my sinusitis. I can't recommend it highly enough." A.Benson, Kent

"It helps my chesty cough a lot. Far better than anything else I have tried" L.M from Turriff

"My youngest son had a weakness for severe coughs and any cold seemed to go to his chest when he was a toddler. I’m not a fan of giving my children antibiotics or inhalers and fortunately at a time when I was feeling pressure to take this route, I was recommended Thyme syrup and it changed everything. From sleepless nights, a mattress propped up at one end and endless coughing sometimes leading to vomiting, I gave him three spoonfuls of Thyme syrup each day and within a week his cough had abated. Now, every time either of my children has a cold which threatens to go to their chest or they complain of a cough or sore throat, I immediately start them on Thyme syrup - it works as an expectorant and loosens everything. Best of all they quickly recover without need of antibiotics or any other prescription medicine. It really has made such a difference for my boys … I am a true advocate of Thyme syrup! " Jo.H

"My girls absolutely love this, they ask for this all the time (even when they are well!!!) and this was so helpful when they had whooping cough recently". D.Williamson

"Cleared up my cough in no time." J.Henderson

"A very effective remedy. Stopped the beginnings of a chesty cough for both my daughter and myself recently. Always have a bottle at home." J.Hagger

"I would not be without this product for my family. If a cough is doing the rounds, as it often is, then this product is an absolute must have". SM

Several years ago I had a severe chest infection, following which I suffered a shortness of breath if I climbed stairs or walked more than a very short distance. Having visited the GP, and been sent for a spirometry test to check my lung health/function, I was diagnosed with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disorder (COPD). At the time I was 68 and given a lung age of 76 years. This is an irreversible, degenerative condition and only the symptoms can be treated. Shortly after I was recommended by a family member who used Thyme Syrup that should try it for my condition. I take Thyme syrup three times daily. Six months later I went for my spirometry test and the nurse made me repeat the process a couple of times because she could not believe the results - I had a lung age of 60 years and my lung health showed no signs of the symptoms of COPD. I have continued to take Thyme syrup regularly and have not suffered shortness of breath or severe chest infections since I started." P.Mason

“A friend suggested I try Thyme Syrup last winter when nothing worked on my seasonal cough. If my asthma flares up I find myself on a lot of medication and the natural ingredients are amazing. Soothing, works within hours, value for money and tasty too. Not like over the counter medication from chemist. Wonderful and speedy & professional service. “ Katie, Wirral

"My family have been using Thyme syrup for a while now including my baby and toddler. It really helps to soothe and loosen a tight chesty cough and I wouldn't be without it in my medicine cupboard. Along with Echinacea I believe it has probably prevented the use of antibiotics at times" E.Barclay

I can't thank or recommend Sophie enough for her advice and help, I have my life back. Thank you.

Happy Customer

I consulted with Sophie as I needed help with a number of problems but she quickly identified that my insomnia was the first thing that needed to be dealt with… After a very short time I got full, restorative sleep back. I now need my husband's alarm to wake me up!… it has been life changing.


First and foremost, Sophie listened. She gave me some precious advice about my diet and herbal support. Within a year, I no longer had PCOS and soon conceived our beautiful baby girl. Sophie enabled us to achieve our dream in a natural way. I am forever grateful.

Happy Customer

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