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This is the easiest meal of the week for me to make but is still a firm favourite. My son loves it, friends and other families have adopted it as well so I thought I would share it will all of you too. It doesn't look very exciting but it is warming food for the soul.. It is made of organic white rice, chicken, peas, a cinnamon stick and *real* chicken stock. Whenever I make a roast chicken on a

Did you have a roast chicken on Sunday? If you did, hopefully you made a quick chicken stock from the bones (mine is simmering away as I type this). The two main reasons that I make a stock each week are: 1 - a home made chicken stock makes everything taste great 2- if I have a stock in the fridge then I have the basis for another 1 or two easy meals that week (phew!). My son has loved this

Recently, I was invited to appear on Countryfile alongside John Craven with my father and sister to discuss the role of British grown medicinal plants in the war effort. I come from a long line of doctors dating back nearly 300 years. My father Brian Lamb is Scotland’s longest practicing medical herbalist and I am the only second generation Medical Herbalist in the UK. My clinic is based in my sister Naomi’s boutique health store Botanica Health

Rosehip syrup is known to pack a powerful punch of immune boosting vitamins and antiinflammatory compounds, particularly vitamin C. Interestingly, it is now known that it is the other compounds in the plant, namely the bioflavanoids, which makes the vitamin C so powerful. One or two teaspoons taken daily through winter could help you sail through and avoid those pesky colds and sore throats. During World War Two, when imports of citrus fruits were scarce and children