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Restricting Calories and Getting Nowhere?

Something I find sad and commonly see is the distorted struggle that the relationship with food can become. Food is supposed to be a double blessing – a source of pleasure (including the sharing and communal aspect) and nourishment (healing and protection).

The problem often starts with poor food choices which over time lead to a lowered metabolism and a subsequent battle of steadily increasing weight. The response to this is typically reducing calories in a yo-yo fashion which further reduces the metabolic rate and eventually a person finds themselves backed into a corner of calorie deprivation and a continuous battle between hunger and guilt. It’s a sad scenario. The only way to fix it is to slowly but surely move into a place of increasing metabolic rate by eating foods that support and restore metabolism whilst loving your food!

This lovely lady is getting back to enjoying a happy relationship with delicious food:
“Before I met Sophie, I struggled with my weight for years. I tried every diet and even starved myself at times, I had no energy and would get dizzy and tired. I felt like nothing was working. I heard so many positive stories about the help and advice she gave to others, I decided to get in touch with her to see if she could help me. She listened to all my issues/worries and made me feel like I wasn’t alone with these problems. She helped me to change my relationship with food and encouraged me to enjoy it. I followed all her tips and I instantly started to feel better in myself, I now have more energy and feel like I can live again. I have a greater sense of well being and I’m losing weight in a steady, healthy and realistic way. I can’t thank Sophie enough, she is amazing !”

Here are a couple of helpful places to start looking to heal your metabolism:

This chart indicates commons ways in which cell metabolism is suppressed. More than one factor may be acting at once….

Posted by Functional Performance Systems on Montag, 21. Dezember 2015

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