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IBS Nightmare Over

IBS Nightmare Over

Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) can be a living nightmare for some people. A digestive disorder can quickly become a source of anxiety and anxiety can be a cause of IBS, causing a rapidly developing self-perpetuating cycle. Focusing treatment on both the digestive system and the nervous system is often a necessary approach for IBS and it is something that herbs are perfectly apt to do.

There is nothing like the herbal pharmacy for alleviating irritable bowel syndrome. That is because a tailored herbal prescription can include any of the following to match the particular type of bowel disorder:

Antispasmodic (relieves smooth muscle spasm), carminative (relieves flatulence and soothes spasm and pain – peppermint is a classic example), laxative, antidiarrhoeal, bowel flora (bacteria) modifier, antiparasitic, relaxant (for the central nervous system), antiinflammatory, antiemetic (reduces nausea and vomiting), antimicrobial, antacid, bitter (stimulates and strengthens digestive secretions, choleretic (increases production of bile).

You can see from this list how a medical herbalist is uniquely placed with the best tools for an imbalanced digestive system.

“I can’t thank or recommend Sophie enough for her advice and help. I had been struggling with IBS which had progressively got worse. The Dr then diagnosed colitis and suggested steroids. I knew I did not want to go this route. I was living on immodium daily and had become so severely anxious about having “accidents” that it was stopping me from living a normal life. Thankfully Sophie’s kind and caring nature meant that she fully understood and accepted me being in tears for my first 2 appointments. Through the medicine she provided and a change in diet I’m now a different person. The only time I have a flare up is if I eat something I shouldn’t. My turning point was being able to travel again with no worries about being caught short or having any problems. I have my life back. Thank you x”

Since childhood herbs and natural medicine have been a significant and poignant part of my life. As the daughter of Scotland's longest practicing medical herbalist I am the UK's only second generation medical herbalist I have a life time of first hand experience observing the power of herbs for a wide variety of health conditions. With over 15 years experience working with a Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Botanical medicine I aim to support, stimulate and enable a journey of healing and recovery. Combining evidence-based science with traditional botanical medicine with good nutrition as the bedrock, applying stress management strategies and medical laboratory testing as appropriate, are all used to achieve restored health.


    April 26, 2017

    I have Ibs and it’s the diarrhoea and spasms that are the worst must come and see you as it’s getting worse .

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