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Incredible Edible Egg

Incredible Edible Egg

Patients are regularly taken aback by my advice to increase the eggs in their diet, even to have two per day if necessary. The recommendation is followed swiftly by the question, “what about cholesterol?”. The dogma has been deeply ingrained that eggs cause high cholesterol which causes heart disease. A terribly simplistic equation. But little does the general public know that in 2007 The British Heart foundation quietly retracted their advice to limit eggs to three per week. For all the scientific evidence has given eggs a clean slate or totally clean bill of health. EGGS DO NOT INCREASE YOUR RISK FOR HEART DISEASE. Of course they don’t. Your liver makes approximately 80% of your body’s available cholesterol and all the while eggs have been avoided and so have their wide array of benefits.

Protein deficiency is a very common contributor to the health problems that are presented to me in my clinic and eggs provide a very good quality and low cost source of protein. One large eggs provides 6 grams, times two contributes a healthy 12 grams to an approximate 70 grams recommended adult intake.

Added to that eggs are a good source of fat soluble vitamins A, D and E and several B vitamins. These fat soluble vitamins are especially nourishing to the reproductive organs and I especially recommend eggs to fertility patients. Eggs are also a rich source of a nutrient called choline which is essential during brain development of a baby and is gaining evidence for being protective for cognition in adults too. Choline is also important for nerve and muscle function, energy and liver detoxification.

The yellow egg yolk is a rich source of two carotenoids called lutein and zeaxanthin. These antioxidants are known to support eye health and protect against cataracts and age-related macular degeneration, the leading cause of blindness after 65 years of age. One wonders how reduced egg consumption may have contributed to the incidence of these diseases.  There is an excellent product available called macushield (https://www.macushield.com) which provides these carotenoids and other essentials nutrients for the eyes.

During my studies I had a very special lecturer of pharmocognosy who was from Holland and during the second world war when food was rationed, they used crushed egg shells as a source of calcium. The egg is valuable from the inside out and it is a miracle of design. I once worked briefly with a lady from New York who only ate the whites of the eggs. She really missed out on a whole lot of goodness.

Chickens are omnivores, not vegetarians. They love to eat insects. Pasture-fed hens will produce eggs with a richer density of nutrients. If you can, try to buy eggs from a local producer where you know they can have a mixed diet of vegetation and grubs.

Lastly, and this is why they really are incredible edible eggs, a chicken egg develops from start to finish in just 24 hours, each morning laying a fresh egg for collection. I am just staggered at the speed from genesis to completion.

Eggs are not only SAFE but PROTECTIVE. I hope you enjoy yours again with a completely clear conscience and crack it with a whole new sense of appreciation.

The closer you look, the more amazing life gets.

Since childhood herbs and natural medicine have been a significant and poignant part of my life. As the daughter of Scotland's longest practicing medical herbalist I am the UK's only second generation medical herbalist I have a life time of first hand experience observing the power of herbs for a wide variety of health conditions. With over 15 years experience working with a Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Botanical medicine I aim to support, stimulate and enable a journey of healing and recovery. Combining evidence-based science with traditional botanical medicine with good nutrition as the bedrock, applying stress management strategies and medical laboratory testing as appropriate, are all used to achieve restored health.


  • Totally agree. Too many people are being mislead and we have a whole 2 generations of people who are afraid to eat eggs to avoid high cholesterol. I’ve been eating eggs all my life, and in the last ten years I’ve been consistently eating 2 eggs for breakfast every day. We get our eggs from a farmer in Kent that sells them at the farmers market in Notting Hill every Saturday.

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